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Front Matter

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Significant Military Medical Terms

Chapter 1: Weapons Effects and War Wounds    

Chapter 2: Roles of Medical Care (United States)

Chapter 3: Mass Casualty and Triage   

Chapter 4: Aeromedical Evacuation     

Chapter 5: Airway/Breathing

Chapter 6: Hemorrhage Control    

Chapter 7: Shock, Resuscitation, and Vascular Access

Chapter 8: Anesthesia   

Chapter 9: Soft-Tissue and Open Joint Injuries    

Chapter 10: Infections   

Chapter 11: Critical Care      

Chapter 12: Damage Control Surgery   

Chapter 13: Face and Neck Injuries      

Chapter 14: Ocular Injuries   

Chapter 15: Head Injuries     

Chapter 16: Thoracic Injuries

Chapter 17: Abdominal Injuries    

Chapter 18: Genitourinary Tract Injuries     

Chapter 19: Gynecological Trauma and Emergencies 

Chapter 20: Wounds and Injuries of the Spinal Column and Cord      

Chapter 21: Pelvic Injuries    

Chapter 22: Extremity Fractures   

Chapter 23: Amputations      

Chapter 24: Injuries to the Hands and Feet   

Chapter 25: Vascular Injuries

Chapter 26: Burns  

Chapter 27: Environmental Injuries      

Chapter 28: Radiological Injuries 

Chapter 29: Biological Warfare Agents

Chapter 30: Chemical Injuries      

Chapter 31: Pediatric Care    

Chapter 32: Care of Enemy Prisoners of War/Internees      

Chapter 33: Battlefield Transfusions    

Chapter 34: Compartment Syndrome   

Chapter 35: Battlefield Trauma Systems      

Chapter 36: Emergency Whole Blood Collection

Appendix 1: Principles of Medical Ethics    

Appendix 2: Glasgow Coma Scale

Appendix 3: Department of Defense Trauma Registry

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